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Mon, Sep. 12th, 2011, 03:50 pm

So I'm back in school. Pretty boring. I'm doing my work, though, and am actually doing pretty solidly. I had a lot of trouble choosing a major that I was motivated to work towards.

I wanted to do paralegal work, but I don't like lawyers. My intention was to work, in some manner, with the undefendable. To help battle the system that scores district attorneys by conviction rates above all else.

I wanted to do radiological technology, but fuck traveling to Marion.

Ultimately, I decided substance abuse counselling (through the Human Services program) was the way to go. I've seen drug abuse (whoever says "drug and alcohol abuse", fuck you. Alcohol is a fucking drug) alot in my life, and it's something I deeply care about. My brother, father, mother, sister, aunts, and several cousins have all fallen into the habit. Every damn one of them come out with this god damned "I can quit" and "I'm not addicted", or sometimes even "It's not as bad as cocaine/heroin/buttsex". You can't save everyone, but you can offer help to those who want it. I'm proud to be down this path, and I'm proud that I'm maintaining my integrity in this addiction based world.

I also made it to my friends wedding. It was something awkward, in one sense. I never expected this particular friend get married before all of the others, but alas, he did. He seemed genuinely happy, and he certainly deserves it. I felt genuinely happy for him, though I must admit that I'm still not sure as to the reason of marriage. Nonetheless, happiness comes in many forms to many people. Marriage can be a happy, self-building thing, and I'm certainly not one to dissuade others from happiness.