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Wed, Apr. 27th, 2011, 09:54 am

 It's so easy to see people do stupid things or be in horrible situations and blame them. Everyday I keep in mind that I don't know anything relative to the wealth of their life experiences and that it's not always their fault. 13% of all US citizens live in poverty. Nearly all of the continent of Africa live in eternal poverty, only encouraged to endure it as 'God's gift' by missionaries. People constantly blame the former for being in their situation and never the later. It's appalling to me. People don't abuse workers or treat them like automatons that can be replaced at the drop of the hat in the US, do they? Upwards mobility is easy in the US, isn't it? People 'living' off the government don't want jobs, instead they are happy with their pittance, right? It's prudent that we realize that all situations are different and that we have no clue of how many of these people got into their situation or anything.  It's so easy to villianize those who society shit on, but it's not always their fault. The world is complicated, and you don't really know why anyone does anything. Don't judge what you don't know, lest you only make the world go round as it always has, no improvements and no mercy.